Fresh Wild Morel Mushrooms


Fresh wild morels in stock.  These morels are on the smaller side. 1-3 inches.

Soak your mushrooms in salt water when you are ready to use them. There may be critters that we did not see before we shipped them. It is normal with anything wild to have critters. The salt water will draw out the critters, then rinse the morels off. We do apologize for any critters that may hatch in transit.

We cannot guarantee we will be able to ship right away. If you have to have them shipped right away please text or email to check on immediate shipping.  Your order will ship overnight when we get to your order. 

When dealing with a persihable product there are sometimes weather or quality issues. Orders are taken a bit ahead of the crop so when the morels come in they can immediately ship.  Storing the morels and then waiting for orders would mean a poorer product. 

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