Shipping Information

Please be patient after placing an order.  Fresh wild mushrooms are shipped overnight when we get to your order.  Sometimes a few days are needed to ship a newly placed order.  Many uncontrollable and unforeseen factors pop up such as quality, weather, and volume of orders coming in.  If an order needs to deliver next day please check before ordering.  Preferred delivery days are welcome in our note section during checkout.

UPS or Fed-Ex cannot ship to a  P.O. box. Your work is a great place to have your order shipped to if you have a  P.O. box or fear your package unsafe until you can get home.  

If your package is damaged or spoiled we will send a replacement package as long as you let us know within 2 hours of receiving.  Mushrooms can lose up to a tenth of a pound per pound due to shrinkage during shipment. This weight will be regained when cleaned with water. Your mushrooms will be slightly dry to touch which is normal. When rinsed with water they will regain their freshness. They must be refrigerated immediately.

If you gave us a valid email address you will receive a shipment notification along with tracking. You can also sign up for text notification. Once we ship, we cannot stop the shipment or reroute it to a different address. When you place your order we cannot guarantee it will be filled. We may run out or not like the mushrooms we get in. Mother Nature can end the season at any time. In this case, we will refund your money.  Morels do come from the woods so don’t be alarmed if you find some unwated company in a morel. It's not often an insect will be found but sometimes they will hide inside the morels. These guys also know what’s good! Clean, cook, and enjoy. Thanks for bearing with me through all of this. We have been shipping fresh morels for 27 years and love taking care of our customers. If you have any concerns please let us know!