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Now shipping fresh Northwest Gray/Dark Morels.

If you need an order by a certain day please let us know and we will try our best to get them there in time.  We are working with Mother Nature so please order several days ahead.

Also now shipping are grade A jumbo dried morels, frozen morels, & fresh hen of the woods mushrooms.

If ordering fresh or frozen product for the first time please take a look at our Shipping Information tab located in our menu.

To clean your morels- put 2 Tbsp salt in just enough ice water to submerge your morels for about 10 minutes, agitate your morels and rinse them off with really cold water.This removes any critters that may be in the morels. That is possible since they are from the forest, we cannot guarantee that they will be free of pests. Unfortunately, there is a high probability of having bugs and tiny worms in the mushrooms once it starts warming up that will come out en route. If we see any, we do not ship them. Follow the instruction above to kill and remove anything in your mushrooms. If there was anything we could do to prevent this, we would. Not using any chemicals to kill them means we cannot kill them.

To choose quantity simply click on the photo above the desired amount below.