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Thank you to everyone for continuing to buy from us during these tough times. We feel blessed to be able to continue providing our great quality products and to hopefully bring smiles to families across the country.

Fresh gray morels anticipated to start any day. To be notified of availability please text 6087322175 or email morelmasters@centurytel.net

Also available at this time are great quality dried morels and fresh hen of the woods mushrooms.

If ordering fresh or frozen product for the first time please take a look at our shipping information tab located in our menu.


All of our products include shipping & handling. 

Dried Morels

To reconstitute place in warm water for 2 hours or overnight. 2 Cups per oz. Great in soups, sauces, stews, or sauteed. Also great on pizza.

Fresh Cultivated Hen Of The Woods

Hen Of The Woods (Maitake) has a rich woodsy taste, crisp texture, and an excellent aroma. This is a very popular mushroom. Sauté them in olive oil and a little butter, good in stew, spaghetti sauce, and in stir fry. Ships all year.