2023 Fresh Morel Season

The 2023 morel season was a up and down. Cultivated morels were fantastic this year.  Our growers are getting very close to the flavor of wild. The wild season was a slow start and we were unable to provide fresh morels for Mother's Day.The blondes from Oregon were amazing but ended quickly in early April. Once July hit we were able to get a decent amount of fresh gray morels out of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  All in all it was a great season. 

  • LEWIS FRAZEE says...

    Jason let me know when you start taking pre-orders for mid-west mushrooms Thanks

    On Jan 06, 2021

  • Jeff Fout says...

    I waited almost three months before I got mine but it was well worth it living in Florida I don’t have very many options on mushrooms down here I grew up in Ohio so I ate him all my life make sure to send me info for next year cuz I will order for the blonde again I also like the greys

    On Jan 03, 2021

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