Fresh Gray Morels begin shipping the week of July 6th. Also available now are fresh Maitake and dried morels. The only shipping option for fresh or frozen mushrooms is next day shipping. This does not necessarily mean you will get your order the day after you place it. It means once we fill your order and ship it you will get it the next day. A Fed-Ex shipment notification will be sent to valid email addresses.

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Fresh Gray Morels Per Lb.

The greys are similiar in flavor to the blondes and are meaty. The conica morels also known as burn morels or conicas, grow in areas that had a fire last year. There may be a few of the conicas mixed in with your order.

For small-medium sized morels you will receive 35-55 mushrooms. To clean your morels- put 2 Tbsp salt in 5 cups of water. Slice your morels length ways, then place them in the bowl of salt water for 30 minutes, to keep them submerged put something on top of them to keep them under water. This removes any critters that may be in the morels. This is possible since they are from the forest, we cannot guarantee that they will be free of pests. Unfortunately, there is a probability of having bugs and tiny worms in the mushrooms once it starts warming up that will come out en route. If we see any, we do not ship them. Follow the instruction above to kill and remove anything in your mushrooms. If there was anything we could do to prevent this, we would. Not using any chemicals to kill them means we cannot kill them.

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