Fresh blonde and fresh western dark morels are now shipping. Also available now are fresh Maitake and dried morels. The only shipping option for fresh or frozen mushrooms is next day shipping. This does not necessarily mean you will get your order the day after you place it. It means once we fill your order and ship it you will get it the next day. A Fed-Ex shipment notification will be sent to valid email addresses.

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Fresh Western Morels Per Lb.

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Fresh Blonde Morels

Choose quantity/pounds after adding to cart. First come first serve! Very limited. We will get your order out as soon as possible. Even if you put a delivery date we may not be able to deliver them on that date. These are blonde morels. Your morels will vary in sizes, you will get a mix of small to large blondes. Also known as blonde morels, blond morels, yellow morel, white morels, morchella esculenta. These are the most sought after of all of the morels. Shaped like a pine cone, they are hard to find. They come whenever they feel like it, with no guaranteed timing. So get them while they are in season, they will end when it gets too hot to grow.



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